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Variety Pack

Hamilton Mills

$ 38.40 $ 63.80

(Per case)

Products sold only by case. Prices listed are per case

This delectable Variety Pack truly meets all your coffee needs. The light roast coffee will hit that early morning need by using the Morning Roast for your breakfast wake-me-up or Vanilla Bean flavor to give you that extra morning boost. For that afternoon coffee to really pick you up, our Hamilton House Blend and Cape Cod Roast would truly fit the bill. For those who love the flavored coffees the Toasted Cinnamon will really give the office a great lift to push through the afternoon. After a long hard day, a nice dark roast coffee will really hit the spot. Our Heritage Blend coffee will sooth the nerves and allow you to relax. For those especially stressful days, our Mocha Swirl will calm the body and let you relax and enjoy. And then for that final cup of coffee before bed our Morning Roast Decaf will finish the day with a decaffeinated roast that will allow you to sleep soundly and get ready for the next morning where you can start all over again.

24 Count Box Specifications 


Master Case.........4

Case Dimensions.......12.75 x 9.12 x 8.5 In

Case Cube......0.58

Box Dimensions......7.75 x 6.5 x 4.5 In

Box Cube..........0.13 In


Pallet Specifications




100% Arabica coffee beans